When does school start?

School begins on August 24th.


What are the school hours?

Students are in school from 8am – 3pm.  Students can be dropped off as early as 7:30am.


Will my student need to wear a mask?
Students are required to wear a face mask/covering throughout the day.  Teachers will allow students to take “mask breaks.”  Teachers are also encouraged to take students outside for outside learning and social distance.  Students will need to have a mask on before entering the buildings in the morning.


Can food/treats be sent in to my student’s classroom for celebrations and birthdays?

Outside food and treats must be store bought


What is the procedure for early pick-up?

We are not encouraging early pick-up during the school day.  We understand emergencies come up and appointments may need to be scheduled.  If a student needs to leave early for one of these, please call the front office at 704-896-9500, and also email the student’s homeroom teacher.


What temperature will a child be sent home with or not let into school?

Students will be temperature checked prior to them exiting their car in morning carpool.  If students have a temperature over 100.4, they will be sent home.  Students must be fever free without a fever reducer for 24 hours before returning to school.


What happens if a student/teacher is diagnosed with Covid -19?

LCA will contact the CDC and local health department if there is a case of Covid – 19.  Communication will be sent to families of LCA.


What are your cleaning procedures?

Lakeside has partnered with Open Works to have a porter (custodian) on site each day. Before the school year starts, Open Works will be doing a deep clean on the school.  On a daily basis, disinfecting and sanitizing will take place within the classroom on a daily basis.  Classrooms will be equipped with an environmentally safe disinfecting solution that teachers will use regularly to disinfect common touch points and other areas in the room. The Open Work’s porter will be following a cleaning schedule that will ensure that all areas of the school buildings are being regularly cleaned and disinfected. 


Will students use water fountains?

Water fountains will not be used to limit the spread of germs.  We have ordered “water filling stations” for students to fill their water bottles, however they are currently on back order.  We ask that students bring an extra filled water bottle so that they can use it if needed throughout the day.


Do they still have to wear a uniform?

Students do have to wear uniforms when on campus.

When is the latest I can pick up my child from class for an appointment or other reason?

The latest a student will be called out of class is 2:00 pm.

Is there Before/After school care? 

  • Yes. There is Before/After school Care. Click here to learn more.

What specials do the school offer?

  • Our school currently offers, Art, Spanish, Music, Character Ed. and P.E. for all grades. 

How many students are in a class?  

  • The maximum is 20 per class in Kindergarten. For 1st-5th grades, the maximum is 25 students per class.  


Does the school have a cafeteria/hot lunch option? 

  • LCA does not have a school cafeteria. All students eat in their classrooms. We offer a hot lunch program

Is there a school nurse?

  • At this time, there is not a school nurse, which is very common for charter schools. However, the office staff and additional staff are trained in basic first aid and CPR. The staff will take a cautious approach and notify parents of any bumps, bruises, cuts, or if child is sick.