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3 Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Sunshine and road trips. Fishing by the lake or maybe a bike ride through the woods. Summer can be full of wonder and much-needed free time to recharge. During this break, however, it is essential to keep children learning and engaged. Now is the time to get even more creative and less formal to help students learn. Below are three tips and suggested activities to keep young learners fresh and excited to learn.

1. Read and play

Get creative with how you present books to your child. For example, if you are reading a nonfiction book about animals, have students act out some of the animals as you read about them. Use floor pillows or blankets to create a large “jungle” and have students sit on rocks or trees as monkeys or lions! Need inspiration? Check out our local library’s calendar of events. A library is an excellent place for children to learn through reading or with other children. Libraries also have resources to help you engage children while learning at home!

2. Use the environment

Put down the tablet and forget the workbooks. Get outside! The outdoors has much to offer children in terms of hands-on educational experiences. Going for a hike or bike ride is a great way to learn about nature and provide a change of scenery. Not only does this exercise the mind, but it also exercises the body for a win-win!

3. Sharpen money skills

There is a popular saying that “money makes the world go ’round.” There are many ways to demonstrate how money works and to practice counting. Help children understand how money works by showing transactions at the grocery store, department store, or local theme park.

For more ideas on how to keep children learning during the summer, visit Cornelius’ Parks and Recreation. To learn more about Lakeside Charter Academy, visit our website. We are a tuition-free public charter school now enrolling for 2022-2023.

About Lakeside Charter Academy

Lakeside Charter Academy is a K-8 community-driven school where caring educators, parents, and local business leaders work to provide unparalleled education. Our approach is nurturing yet challenging, innovative while embracing proven traditions. We offer a safe, fun environment where children reach their highest academic potential. Enroll your child today.


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