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How Character Education Drives a Safe School Environment

Bullying, unfortunately, is one of the most prominent issues facing our children in schools today. Students may be apprehensive or even fearful to attend school as there might be a bully that is picking on them. Schools may do their best to react to these situations, enact a zero-tolerance bully policy, or try to catch students in the act but with each of these solutions the damage is already done to the student who is the victim of bullying.

However, at Lakeside Charter Academy, the school is taking a new angle on how to prevent bullying. Character education involves teaching the student beyond facts, pages, and worksheets but helps to instill common shared values among all students at the school. These common values not only help to bring students together but also helps to teach students important social skills as well.

According to character.org, character education is a crucial part of the modern education as "Comprehensive character education addresses many tough issues in education while developing a positive school climate." Effects of excellent character education results in improved school cultures, reduced discipline referrals, increased academic achievement for all learners, developed global citizens, and improved job satisfaction and retention among teachers.

Lakeside Charter Academy successfully incorporates character education into their curriculum to teach students respect for each other, principles of honesty, and general morals that will help them all throughout life. These morals help to preemptively address bullying as students have a common respect for each other.

Lakeside Charter Academy is located at 17609 Old Statesville Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031 . The school teaches grades K-8 and is still accepting applications for the

2018-2019 school year.

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