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How Curiosity Drives Education

Curiosity is something that we often are asked to call upon in our daily lives. It shows up in our work, our social lives, and with our children. It is a skill that is often hindered or held back in traditional, rigid educations. However, there is a link between how much curiosity is practiced in education and how a child can succeed. Curiosity drives learning and teaches students how to learn. When a student is curious about a subject, they show distinct interest in what they are doing. This interest will drive the student to ask more questions that they otherwise wouldn't have asked. They will find the material much more engaging, and thus, will learn through this method.

In addition, when curiosity is involved the student is more likely to find learning rewarding. Research from the University of California, Davis found that the hippocampus lit up on brain scans. The hippocampus, which is not only related to memories but also reward and pleasure. By arousing the curiosity of students, the brain chemistry of learning changes and students are more likely to enjoy what they are learning, but are also more likely to continue to try to learn in the future. One school that focuses on student curiosity and development of this skill is Lakeside Charter Academy, a tuition free public charter school located in Cornelius, NC. Lakeside Charter Academy believes that curiosity is a core part of education and therefore must be fostered in each and every mind.

In a recent conversation with the school's principal, he stated that the purpose of Lakeside Charter Academy is, "To provide an environment that sparks curiosity and inspires all students to develop their intellectual, creative and artistic talents in a manner that will enrich their own lives and the lives of those in their respective communities." Lakeside Charter Academy is located at 17609 Old Statesville Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031 and can be reached at (704) 896-9500. Lakeside Charter Academy is still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year.

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