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Volunteering is always encouraged and welcomed at Lakeside Charter Academy. Since
safety is one of our top priorities, we ask that all volunteers complete a background
check prior to volunteering for on-site events/activities. By using the link below, you can
request the background check link to be sent to your preferred email. Please complete
all areas required (this will include a small fee) and allow for a few days for the
background check to be completed.

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The PTO is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please send an email to

Harris Teeter.jfif

¡Vincule su tarjeta Harris Teeters Vic a nuestra escuela!

¡Con cada compra que haga al hacer la compra, podría ayudar a nuestra escuela a ganar dinero! Haga clic aquí para vincular ahora, o mencione nuestro código de la escuela al momento de pagar. Nuestro código: 2837


¡Haga clic aquí para usar nuestro enlace de sonrisa de Amazon de la escuela para ayudarnos a ganar dinero!

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