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Running Students


We ask that Monday through Thursday, all students wear either a white, gray or navy polo shirt. Monday through Thursday, it is not mandatory that polo shirts have our school logo. We do require, however, that on Fridays students wear a polo with our logo. Polo shirts without logos can be purchased from the vendor of your choice. 

Students may wear khaki or navy pants, shorts, polo dresses, skorts, or skirts. These items may be purchased from the vendor of your choice. 

We ask that students wear socks of a solid color, preferably white, black, navy or brown. Students need to wear close-toed shoes. Athletic shoes are fine. We ask that shoes not light up, play music or create any distraction during instruction time. 

Students may wear sweat-shirts and light jackets while in the classroom, as long as they are white, navy, or gray in color. 

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