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We, the Lakeside Charter Academy - Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), are united in our passion for fostering a nurturing, innovative, and collaborative educational environment for our children.

Our commitment to this mission will create a community where teachers feel supported, parents feel connected, and students thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Working together can cultivate a vibrant learning community that equips our children with the tools they need to become responsible, compassionate, and successful global citizens.

PTO Board Members:
President - Andressa Alamini
Vice President – Danielle Cowper

Secretary – Kristin Miller
Treasurer - Jessica Berlo


Facebook group for Parents and Guardians -

Questions, Concerns, or Ideas?

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Parent/Guardian support is essential to Lakeside Charter Academy's success. Your assistance, whether big or small, is welcome and deeply appreciated. Together, we can foster a thriving educational environment that enhances the lives of our students.

Your collaboration makes a significant difference, and we invite you to join us in making Lakeside Charter Academy an exceptional place to learn and grow!


Click here to sign up for volunteer opportunities:

Volunteering is always encouraged and welcomed at Lakeside Charter Academy. Since safety is one of our top priorities, we ask that all volunteers complete a background check before volunteering for on-site events/activities. You can request the background check link to be sent to your preferred email using the link below. Please complete all required areas (this will include a small fee) and allow for a few days for the background check to be completed.

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