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Lakeside offers a robust technology program to all students.

Grades K-2: Chromecarts with Chromebooks for the classrooms. 

Grades 3-8: Each student rents a Chromebook from the school to use at school and at home to complete school assignments and projects.



  • Enhanced learning opportunities.

  • Improved communication skills.

  • Greater creativity and self-expression.

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills.

  • Improved coordination and motor skills.

  • Enhanced memory and concentration.

  • Increased exposure to different cultures.

  • Enhances student interaction and engagement.
  • Offers new learning techniques.

  • Encourages differentiation.

  • Encourages more collaboration.

  • Boosts productivity and creativity.

  • Makes mobile learning more accessible.


  • Scholarship: 

    • K-2: Technology supplements academic learning.

    • 3-8: All textbooks and curricula are digital.

    • K-12: It gives students access to comprehensive academic programs that are differentiated for a large range of competencies and develop the young mind beyond the limits of traditional, testing-based education.

  • Leadership: Technology helps to develop confident, capable students who understand responsibility is a part of leadership.   Technology helps students form communities and communicate their opinions on projects and assignments, which in turn develops the students' communication skills, which have a lasting effect on their professional lives as well.

  • Citizenship:  By fostering critical thinking, empathy, and responsible decision-making, it empowers them to be informed and engaged participants in the digital world. Digital citizens understand the importance of respect, kindness, and ethical behavior in online interactions, creating a positive digital culture.



Lakeside's 1:1 technology program was funded by the Office of Charter Schools NC ACCESS Grant, a 3-year grant with a focus on Educationally Disadvantaged students. The school will sustain the program once the grant funding ends.

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