Lakeside Charter Academy emphasizes a rigorous curriculum aligned with our pillar of scholarship.   The school has adopted the Core Knowledge Curriculum in the core subjects of Science, Social Studies, Language Arts , Music and the Arts. The program provides a cohesive, comprehensive, content-rich curriculum that is implemented throughout the grade levels of K-8. The academics will integrate Shurley English and cursive handwriting within CKLA.

LCA will use the Singapore Math–Math in Focus, a mathematical problem solving program that teaches skills and concepts that allows students to develop beliefs, interests, and confidence. It is a program that develops processes of reasoning, communication, and application while also allowing the student to develop self-regulation of learning.

LCA students will develop leadership skills through a curriculum designed to develop confident and capable students. Leadership will include the concepts that everything is possible, we are connected, passion first, accountability, and gratitude.

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Challenging, comprehensive academic programs that are differentiated for a large range of competencies and develop the young mind beyond the limits of traditional, testing based  education.

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Unique leadership curriculum designed to develop confident, capable students that understand responsibility is a part of leadership.

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Community service, civics instruction, focus on student responsibility; produces students who are future leaders and productive members of our community.

Starting in Kindergarten, all Lakeside Charter Academy students receive a balanced approach to their education. To ensure this, our students attend weekly classes with each of our Specialty teachers. Their subjects include Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education and Character Education.