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Contact Information

I am an Ohio native, but I consider North Carolina home. I graduated with my MSW from UNCC in 2013. I am privileged to have spent the last few years taking a hiatus from my career to raise my son (Oliver) and instill in him values and characteristics to help make this world a better and safer place. I am a lifelong learner and have also utilized this time to explore opportunities for personal growth and to deepen my understanding of the needs and challenges faced by those in my community. 


I’ve spent a couple years working with children both in and out of schools as a mental health therapist. I’ve also had extensive experience working with adults with varying abilities by helping them access community resources, develop marketable skills, and achieve their personal and professional goals. I am excited to bring the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired from both of these experiences to this new role with Lakeside Charter Academy. 


In my downtime I’m a bit of an introvert. I love to read, watch movies, play board games, go hiking/camping, practice yoga, bake all the goodies, and play with son and my two dogs (Ace & River).

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