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Harmony in the Halls: Meet Mrs. Bonner, Our Music Teacher

Lakeside moves to the beat of its own drums, its own rhythm. We inspire our students to dive into the joys of self-expression, and one of the most successful ways we do that is through our music classes. We're thrilled to introduce you to our talented and dedicated music teacher, Mrs. Bethany Bonner, who has been cultivating a love for music since the first day she walked through our doors.

What inspired you to become a music teacher?

My high-school chorus experience inspired me to become a music teacher. My teacher created a learning environment that made everyone feel like a family. I felt safe to try new things, be vulnerable, and be myself. My teacher took time to grow my confidence and we all felt proud of the work we accomplished as a group. I couldn't wait to inspire and encourage young students in a similar way in my classroom.

Can you share a heartwarming or inspiring moment that happened in your classroom?

I had a second grader ask to share a song she loves listening to with her class. Initially, I was hesitant because we had a lot to do that day, but I let the class listen to it. I’m so glad I did because she shared that it reminded her of her dog that had just passed. That led to other students sharing songs with deep meaning to them and their lives. It was a really sweet impromptu moment, and it was really special getting to know my students better through music.

How long have you been at Lakeside?

This is my first year, and I’m excited about all the possibilities to help students learn through music.

Lakeside music teacher with student

How do you encourage students who may be shy or unsure of their musical abilities to participate in your class?

Music is great at including different abilities and comfort levels. When learning a song, for example, a student may be super uncomfortable singing but is excellent at playing the steady beat on a drum or other instrument. I like to try various music styles and instruments in class to see what might spark interest in a class that didn’t like music class in the past. I recently introduced recorders in 4th grade and ukulele in middle school. Adding a new instrument to the mix got some students who were previously uninterested in music class excited about learning. I also keep my classroom atmosphere a supportive and positive one. It has been neat seeing some shy-er students at the beginning of the year now wanting to try out for a solo singing part.

How do Lakeside's mission and vision align with your personal values?

I love the student-first/classroom-first mindset of Lakeside. If I have an idea to grow the music program further, I feel supported in those endeavors. Lakeside sees how beneficial the arts are to student learning and therefore makes it an amazing place to teach music. I can't wait to see how I can keep growing the music program and give our students more and more ways to experience and explore music.

What else would you like us to know about YOU?

I have been teaching music for six years, and I am primarily a vocalist but also play violin and ukulele. I have two amazing boys who are three and one, and a little girl on the way. My favorite sport is hockey- I'm a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan, and I love to travel! My favorite place I have been to so far is Greece, and I would love to visit Croatia and Italy in the future.

Wrapping up this peek into our music teacher's world, we can't help but feel inspired by the incredible impact she has (and will) have on the students at Lakeside. As a tuition-free public K-8 charter school focused on academics and sparking creativity, we invite you to schedule a private tour today.

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