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Why Teachers Love Working at Lakeside

We have a strong sense of family at Lakeside Charter Academy. Our teachers strive to provide our K-8 students with the best possible learning experience at our free public school. We support our teachers to ensure a comfortable and inspirational work environment in which to teach our children. We recently surveyed some of our teachers about working at Lakeside. Here are the results:

How Our Teachers Feel

"The staff at our school are so helpful and truly care about you as a person, not just a teacher. My favorite thing about teaching students at Lakeside is that I can make my lessons as fun, hands-on, and specific to my students' needs as I see fit! I love the independence I have in teaching at Lakeside," 1st-grade teacher, Jennifer Wickline said. "I like that Lakeside is a small, tight-knit school. Teachers can see the difference they make in a student's life from Kindergarten to 8th grade," she added. Ms. Wickline also mentioned that she likes that the lower elementary has their own building separate from middle school. Students learn how to work together, but also have personal space. Ms. Wickline added, "Since Lakeside is so small, colleagues become like family. I'm able to ask for help, offer ideas, and feel genuinely cared for by staff and admin!"

Lakeside Charter Academy classroom with teacher at computer and student raising hand.

With a community of parents, teachers, students, support staff and administrators all working together, we feel a strong family atmosphere at our school. Second grade teacher, Laura Nicholson, says, "There are so many things that make working at Lakeside special to me, but I would have to say the fact that it is a small school and I know all of the students and staff is what stands out most." She added that "The design of Lakeside's buildings is one of convenience. The fact that all of the special classes and the playground are centrally located, make our jobs so much easier. I also like the fact that the upper and lower classes are separated." We asked about working with other teachers, and she added, “my colleagues at Lakeside are like no other I have had before. We all get along well and genuinely enjoy being together. That makes for a very nice work environment. The staff and students at Lakeside are all amazing." Ms. Nicholson added that the staff are resilient and can easily adjust to these ever-changing times. "My favorite thing about teaching students at Lakeside is the fact that it is like one big family. Where else do you get to work with friends while helping to shape the future?"

An Incredible Place to Work

Our Character Education Teacher, Allison Conway, also chimed in, "The families and staff at Lakeside Charter Academy are such a tight-knit community. I love that I know every student by name and have the ability to build meaningful and lasting relationships with students and families." Ms. Conway is Lakeside's school social worker. She noted that having a campus that's easy to navigate means she never has to go far to see a student, and she is easily accessible for all grade levels. "Our layout allows for wonderful mentorship opportunities between middle school and elementary students. My classroom is spacious and bright, providing an opportunity for lots of movement and hands-on activities."

Ms. Conway notes that students are very creative and talented in diverse ways, and her favorite thing is when students feel empowered to use their skills to expand upon our curriculum. "For example, my 5th graders expressed a desire to write a screenplay and create a short film to demonstrate their anti-bullying commitment and promote our school's values."

School students sitting at desks listening in class at Lakeside Charter Academy.

Kindergarten teacher, Nicole Cheslack, said her fellow teachers are "collaborative, supportive, kind, and passionate about their jobs." She loves that "families are excited, invested, and engaged in the school and their children's education." She added, "My students amaze me every day” when asked about her students. “They are all so eager to learn, encouraging to one another, and engaged in their activities and lessons. My favorite thing about teaching students at Lakeside is the students themselves. I love seeing their growth throughout the year and their excitement when they learn something new. I love building relationships with my students and their families. It truly is the most rewarding job."

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, and Lakeside Charter Academy is grateful for all of our teachers. We offer resources to minimize stress and disruption and foster great work. Having faculty that loves coming to work every day means students benefit from teachers who constantly find ways to keep learning exciting. At Lakeside Charter Academy, we value teachers who are passionate about their work and know it makes a difference in the lives of our students. We’d love to meet your family and share our exceptional teachers. Lakeside is enrolling, tuition-free K-8 today!

About Lakeside Charter Academy

Lakeside Charter Academy is a K-8 community-driven school where caring educators, parents, and local business leaders work to provide unparalleled education. Our approach is nurturing yet challenging, innovative while embracing proven traditions. We offer a safe, fun environment where children reach their highest academic potential. Enroll your child today.


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