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Why We Teach Character Education at Lakeside

Schools that incorporate character education into the curriculum report improved attendance, higher academic performance, and fewer disciplinary issues. At tuition-free, public Lakeside Charter Academy we teach Character Education to all our K-8th grade students.

Lakeside Charter Academy students show how they work together by connecting their hands on top of a desk.

What is Character Education?

The Department of Education defines Character Education as a learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand, care about, and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, and personal responsibility.

Lakeside’s Character Education program teaches social learning concepts through direct instruction and preventative activities. With a goal of fostering empathy and resilience, our students learn social skills, friendship boundaries, and respect for self and others. They explore personal values, stress management, conflict resolution and more.

Older students work together in a relaxed environment, sitting on bean bag chairs and the floor.

What are the benefits of Character Education?

Students enrolled in Character Education develop resilience and grit. At Lakeside our students work on projects that enable them to practice these and other important skills.

Kindergarten – Grade 2

We are learning perseverance, courage, and confidence through practical strategies like expanding our emotional vocabulary. Each class begins with a check-in that helps us not only identify our own emotions, but learn to respond to others with empathy.

Grades 3 – 5

We’re developing problem solving skills and strengthening emotional functioning through journaling and playacting realistic scenarios. “It's fantastic to watch students who were quiet and reserved at the beginning of the school year find their voice,” says Lakeside’s Character Education teacher, Ms. Conaway. “Our scenarios each week help them work together to not only share ideas but find concrete solutions for problems they face all the time.”

Grades 6 – 8

We’re focusing on personal goals and developing the character traits and values we need to achieve them. “Activities like this are great because they check off several social emotional learning competencies,” Ms. Conaway explains.

Middle schoolers use 1:1 technology to create digital vision boards that help inspire and motivate us in setting goals by upholding Lakeside’s BEAR values and following our own moral compass.

At Lakeside Charter Academy Character Education aligns with our 3 pillars of education -- scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Our students are developing the skills essential to becoming confident, capable learners.

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Lakeside Charter Academy is a K-8 community-driven school where caring educators, parents, and local business leaders work to provide unparalleled education. Our approach is nurturing yet challenging, innovative while embracing proven traditions. We are committed to offering a safe, fun environment for children to reach their highest academic potential. Enroll your child today!


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