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Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship - Lakeside's Beta Club

If you're a student at Lakeside Charter Academy (Lakeside), you're in luck! This close-knit school has a thriving Beta Club, offering students an exciting and nurturing after-school activity. Exclusively for our 5th-8th graders, the club promotes academic achievement, good character, leadership, and service, which align perfectly with our pillars of success. Let’s explore why the Beta club is an incredible resource for our Bears.

Lakeside Charter Academy Beta Club members

A History of the Beta Club

One benefit of joining the Beta Club is developing leadership skills. The original club was founded in 1934 by Dr. John W. Harris, a Wofford College professor, and its motto is "Let Us Lead By Serving Others." This is crucial for Lakeside students. Today, we encourage our student members to take on leadership roles to give them the opportunity to practice communication, teamwork and decision-making skills.

Lakeside’s Beta Club meets bi-weekly during school to discuss service projects and leadership opportunities around the school and the community. Students must maintain an A/B average to be invited into the Beta Club. They must also maintain good behavior and demonstrate leadership skills. So far, we have raised money selling love grams to spread appreciation and gratitude around campus. Moving forward, we will begin mentoring and tutoring younger grades and performing at senior centers in our community.

Photo of Lakeside Bears logo in front lobby

Community Service

Community service is another important part of the Beta Club. Throughout the year, students give back to their community and learn the importance of making a positive difference in the world around them. Beta Club members are also the first called on when leadership opportunities come up, like helping set up for performances, book fairs, and other events around campus.

Joining the Beta Club is also a great way for students to make new friends and have fun outside of classes. From social events to team-building exercises, the Beta Club can create a deeper sense of community and belonging. As a tuition-free public charter school, we believe members can stretch what they already learn in our curriculum to discover even more about the world.

Lakeside Beta Club members

The Impact of the Beta Club on Student Success

Our Beta Club can have a big impact on student success both in and out of the classroom. Students are thriving at Lakeside, and Beta Club participants tend to have higher GPAs and test scores than their non-participating peers. The positive outcomes from membership are likely due to the club's focus on academic achievement and leadership development. Also, emphasis on community service helps students feel a sense of empathy and compassion, which can contribute to their overall success and well-being.

If you’re considering Lakeside for your scholar, also consider joining our Beta Club to enhance their educational experience. Contact us today to learn more.

About Lakeside

Lakeside Charter Academy is a K-9 community-driven school where caring educators, parents, and local business leaders work to provide unparalleled education. Our approach is nurturing yet challenging, innovative while embracing proven traditions. We are committed to offering a safe, fun environment for children to reach their highest academic potential. Enroll your child today!


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