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4th grade Is a Pivotal Year at Lakeside

Fourth grade is a pivotal year for elementary school students. They’re becoming more independent, taking more responsibility for their learning, and getting ready to move up to middle school. At tuition-free, public Lakeside Charter Academy we strive to help our students be productive and enjoy learning during this important year.

How 4th Graders Learn

Selfie of happy Lakeside Charter Academy 4th graders

Fourth graders are no longer learning to read; they’re reading to learn. Becoming a skilled reader allows our students to engage more deeply in subject matter. We use 1:1 technology which provides varied opportunities for students to learn. Our small class size enables us to create safe learning environments where our teachers get to know each student individually and can adapt lessons to their specific needs.

We cover a lot of different topics during 4th grade including local history, geology, and poetry. Our hands-on, project based learning enhances this academic program. In years past 4th graders have written newspaper articles on significant events in North Carolina’s history and performed skits depicting the great battles of the American Revolution.

Lakeside 4th graders take learning outside while studying geology.

We’ve examined different types of rocks and then created presentations about them, and we’ve also researched endangered animals. But there’s so much more to learn in 4th grade that makes it an exciting year.

Our 3 pillars in 4th grade

Lakeside Charter Academy’s 3 pillars of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship support the educational experience of all our 4th grade students. Our leadership component is designed to develop confident, capable students who will demonstrate citizenship by participating in community service and civics instruction.

Our Character Education classes teach trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship -- concepts closely related to all 3 pillars. And we help our students address their personal relationships and interactions through our SEL curriculum.

Enriching 4th Grade

4th grade class

Fourth graders are developing a new sense of self. They’re making closer friends, connecting with adults in a more sophisticated way, and developing interests and hobbies. Lakeside’s after-school programs provide enriching opportunities for them like Theater Club, Science Club, and Lego Club. We continue to expand after-school activities adding more clubs and sports. Math tutoring is available to those students who need a little extra one-to-one support.

Our 4th graders are striving to be their best and learn what it means to be BEARS. Enrolling in Lakeside’s 4th grade helps new students with an important transition before they enter middle school. Through our multi-tiered system of supports, our teachers and staff are working to ensure growth with each of them.

Every day is a fun new adventure in Lakeside Charter Academy’s 4th grade. Space is still available for the 2023-2024 school year. Schedule a tour today.

About Lakeside

Lakeside Charter Academy is a K-8 community-driven school where caring educators, parents, and local business leaders work to provide unparalleled education. Our approach is nurturing yet challenging, innovative while embracing proven traditions. We are committed to offering a safe, fun environment for children to reach their highest academic potential. Enroll your child today!


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